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Colonoscopy with Clenpiq



There are many things a person would rather do than undergo a bowel prep for a colonoscopy, but your efforts at cleansing your colon are essential for an accurate procedure. These instructions are designed to maximize the ease, safety and success of your preparation. Please read these instructions carefully at least one week prior to your exam. Obtain the recommended prep.

Medication and Diet Instructions:

  • Most of the time, we recommend continuing aspirin (and aspirin-containing products). However, please discuss whether or not you should continue or stop this medication prior to your procedure with your gastroenterologist.
  • If you are taking Plavix (clopidogrel), Coumadin (warfarin) or any other blood thinners, discuss with your gastroenterologist prior to your procedure if you need to stop this medication.
  • If you are a diabetic taking insulin, please discuss with your primary care physician or endocrinologist regarding dosing prior to your procedure.


One week before the procedure:

  • Stop taking Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen, Motrin, Bufferin, Excedrin etc. Only Tylenol is suggested for pain management. Also, stop taking Iron supplements and Pepto-Bismol at this time. Please discuss with your doctor if you should stop this one week before the procedure.

Five days before the procedure:

  • We advise that you begin a diet of easily digestible foods such as: white rice, white bread, pasta, fish, chicken, pork, eggs, potatoes, well-cooked vegetables, fruits without the skin, yogurt and cheese
  • Avoid eating high fiber/high roughage foods, whole wheat bread products, red meat, foods with seeds (tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, and oranges), yogurt with fruit mixed in, nuts, olives, beans and corn (foods with a skin). Fibers from these foods can clog the colonoscope.


On the day before the examination:

  • You may have a light breakfast before 9am (oatmeal, toast with jam, eggs, protein shake, yogurt, instant breakfast but no seeds/nuts or large portions). After this meal, you will start a clear liquid diet. Keeping well-hydrated before you begin taking the prep will improve the preparation of your procedure.


On the day of the examination:

  • You may consume clear liquids up to 4 hours before your procedure.
  • Please avoid liquids that are heavily colored, such as red cranberry juice, cherry Gatorade, grape soda etc. as these dyes will affect the color of the stool. Avoid juices with pulp.
  • You must be accompanied by a friend or relative to drive or assist you home. You will not be allowed to drive for 12 hours after the procedure.
  • You should take your regular medications with sips of water unless you are instructed otherwise.


Special Instructions:

  • Be sure to remember any allergies to medications and to Latex, or conditions that would make you sensitive to sedation such as sleep apnea syndrome.


Acceptable clear liquids for hydrating include:

  • Water
  • White cranberry juice
  • Apple juice
  • Clear sodas
  • Snapple
  • Gatorade
  • Coffee and tea (without milk or creamer)
  • Clear chicken broth
  • Jell-o and ice pops


Commonly Asked Questions:

How do I know if my colonoscopy prep is successful?

The stool should be watery in consistency. It does not have to be clear in color like water since digestive juices will continue to tint the stool yellow and small flecks of debris are not a problem as long as the stool is not muddy or thick. If there is any question, you can self administer a fleet enema prior to leaving home for the procedure.

What side effects may I expect?

Since the prep works by flooding the intestinal tract with fluid, abdominal bloating and cramping may occur, as well as some nausea and vomiting. This is usually temporary, and as the diarrhea develops, symptoms will gradually improve. Weakness can also occur, especially if you have not taken enough fluid with the prep, and can be remedied by increasing fluid intake (especially with the sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade).

Will the prep interfere with my other medications?

Medications taken at least an hour before beginning the prep should be adequately absorbed, but thereafter, they are likely to be washed away by the prep.

What if I have other questions?

Call our office to address any other concerns not answered here

For this prep, you will need:

  • Two bottles of CLENPIQ
  • 8-ounce cup for drinking clear liquids


Patients having their procedure appointment is before 12 PM:

Afternoon/Early Evening Before Your Procedure (4-6 PM)

  • Drink one bottle of CLENPIQ
  • Keep hydrating. Drink 40 ounce (5 cups) of clear liquids. Finish the liquids over the next 5 hours.


Evening before Procedure (10 PM-12 AM)

  • Drink one bottle of CLENPIQ
  • Keep hydrating. Drink at least 24 ounce (3 cups) of clear liquids. Finish liquids 2 hours before your colonoscopy or as advised by your doctor.


Patients having their procedure appointment is on or after 12 PM:

Evening Before the Procedure (7-8 PM )

  • Drink one bottle of CLENPIQ
  • Keep hydrating. Drink 40 ounce (5 cups) of clear liquids. Finish the liquids over the next 5 hours.


Morning of Procedure (6 AM)

  • Drink one bottle of CLENPIQ
  • Keep hydrating. Drink at least 24 ounce (3 cups) of clear liquids. Finish liquids 2 hours before your colonoscopy.

Click here to download prep instructions