The Patient Portal Previously Used To Make Payments Is No Longer Active. Any Payments Prior to June 7th Will Need To Call The Billing Company.



If you are experiencing symptoms, we are here for you.

While we strongly support the guidelines to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, we urge you to make the appointments you need rather than putting your health on hold.  

Our Offices Are Open

For patients with in-person appointments, our office has taken steps to provide the safest possible environment for your visit.  In-office appointments will be scheduled at one of three office locations. Be aware, however, that we are currently operating on a modified schedule. Be sure to confirm the location and office hours prior to your appointment as the location may not be the one you are accustomed to.  Our office will notify you if the location of your appointment changes.  We encourage you to call us with questions.

Safety During Your In-Person Visit

We are taking the following measures to make sure our locations are as safe as possible: 

  • There is ample space in the waiting rooms and where staff is working so that we can safely see patients for an office visit.  
  • All medical and administrative staff are required to wear face masks and other PPE when indicated.
  • Our offices are disinfected consistently and are free of commonly shared items such as newspapers, magazines, and books.
  • Patients are screened for symptoms of or exposure to COVID19 at the time of scheduling and upon arrival to the office.  
  • The number of visitors to our offices will be limited to maintain safety standards therefore adults may not be accompanied to their appointment unless medically necessary.  
  • The temperature of every patient and visitor who arrives at our locations will be taken and recorded.  
  • Patients requiring in-office medication infusions are provided private infusion rooms.


COVID Testing

If indicated, we offer COVID-19 antibody testing to patients.  This is a blood test that indicates if there are antibodies present to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  At this time, we are not performing diagnostic testing (nasal swab) for COVID-19.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not arrive at the doctor’s office.  We cannot see you in person while you’re symptomatic, but we can help you find a different way to get care, such as a video visit or by rescheduling your appointment for a later date.

When you come in to see your doctor, you are expected to wear a mask or face covering in accordance with the current New York State guidelines.  If you arrive without a mask, you will be provided with one to wear.