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There are many health conditions which may lead to liver damage. Many conditions cause damage by allowing fat to accumulate in the liver. Over time, this can cause inflammation or scar tissue to form which can be harmful to your health. Some common conditions include fatty liver disease (NAFLD/NASH), various forms of hepatitis (Hepatitis B and C), diabetes, obesity and other diseases of the liver.

FibroScan is a non-invasive, specialized ultrasound used to assess scarring (fibrosis) and fatty change (steatosis) in your liver. We are now able to provide this testing in our office.

The FibroScan can help your healthcare provider learn more about your liver disease and, for many patients, it can replace a liver biopsy.




How is a FibroScan done?

Fibroscan uses a combination of an elastic wave and ultrasound technology to assess your liver. The test takes approximately 5-10 min and is not painful. Some gel is applied between your ribs and a small probe is placed on your skin. The probe sends a pulse through your skin and a numeric score is recorded. The doctor will analyze the score and determine how much fat and or scar tissue you may have.

How to prepare for your Fibroscan exam:

You must fast for three hours prior to the test. You may drink water only.

Patients who may be pregnant or have implantable devices should not have Fibroscan testing. Please alert your physician if you have any concerns about testing.